About Bennu

Breadth and depth, experience counts. We can, have and do it all, and we'll step into the breach wherever you need us. 
Specifics aside, our principles remain the same: The Golden Rule, and do the best you can. 

In the end, it will all work out.

Bennu Consulting is a technology services company specializing in Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management and Records Management solutions. With 20 years experience, Bennu's strength is the breadth and depth of our knowledge - installation and configuration, architecture, design, development, testing, training, documentation. Our principals have been working in process and content management since 1992, and have been in IT for 30 years.

We've earned our stripes the honest way, working on multiple engagements in the Insurance, Finance, Telecom, Government  and Energy sectors, coast to coast and overseas, small, medium and large.  From one off, discrete engagements for a specific deliverable to long term, enterprise architecture strategic initiatives.

WE KNOW WHAT WE KNOW ... and don't know
No client will ever be engaged without full confidence that Bennu can deliver the correct solution given our chosen expertise. We can do a great deal of damage on your behalf - if you let us.  With our experience and in partnership with the client, the right parts and pieces of methodologies, tools and techniques are brought to bear on the best fit for the task at hand. No cookie cutter here; the solution is tailored to your needs.

Whether providing long term road maps, defining enterprise architectural strategies, enterprise reference architectures, deriving taxonomies for ECM and Records Management both, or mentoring and training your developers or admins again, as always, our advocacy is a successful implementation. To be clear, that doesn't always mean we're on your side. We're on the side of the application and the folks in the trenches. You may not always like what we tell you, but we'll always say it nice, provide justification and rationale, and delineate the pros and the cons to the alternatives. Then, we'll figure it out together. And, we won't point fingers if you don't listen to us and things go fugazzi.

Though the specifics for any given engagement may differ, the mechanics are the same: a successful implementation with the technology and the tools, the talent and teamwork to achieve your goal.